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Project Description

For my cooperating center project I chose to use class time with my Home Maintenance and Improvement students to construct a plumbing demonstration model to be used in future classes in dealing with home plumbing.  The project was a good one in that it enabled the kids to construct a plywood platform on rollers that had a 3-foot tall-framed wall on two sides of the platform.  The kids were able to learn the basics of wood framing that would be done in the construction of a house.  We then mounted a sink and a toilet onto the platform.  During this phase, we spent time going over proper plumbing practices and then had the students actually be able to do the things we were discussing.  The whole point of the project was to enable the kids to learn how to install both a sink and a toilet and then be able to put the model away and use it for future classes.  This is a way for the students to actually do some home maintenance because in most cases the kids donít have any experience in that field.  I have included a few pictures to help illustrate the project and make it easier to understand exactly what we spent the time doing.

Students learn about the project.
Students discuss the project.
Students enjoyed looking at the progress they made at the conclusion of the project.